Our Daily Sykes #43 – Another Roadside Attraction

We note that our correspondent Matt the Journeyman has remarked - with pebbles in his mouth - that it is a mild wonder that the desert monolith featured in Our Daily Sykes #38 has not been removed as a highway nuisance by some agency. In line with these concerns we bring up this bush of an extrusion and wonder if it's dark irregularity may not warrant some charge from the highway department's Design & Roadside Attractions Committee. We do not, however, know the state - in either case. Yet. (Is there any interest out there in an "Our Daily Victorian Lesson?" We are well stocked with them. Here's an example. From where? “In matters of grave importance style, not sincerity is the vital thing”)

2 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #43 – Another Roadside Attraction”

  1. No Demosthenes, I, or did you mean…never mind. This is s truly bizarre little roadside attraction and a beautiful image. Some sort of molten lava drip once buried and o’er time exposed? In all these Sykes photos I marvel at how he always seemed to have his camera ready and to be passing through just when the sky and the earthbound shadows were at their most photogenic. Could you have asked for a more convenient or beautiful swath of sunlight to lay down across the desert background?

  2. “Did you mean” Yes “never mind” I think I meant, however, that Demonsthenes trick or practice for eloquence – filling his mouth with pebbles and practicing speaking clearly through them – is somehow like Sykes – and you following him – eating the dirt of the remote roads while exploring them and so refining them – in a sense – with your robust and alive curiosity.

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