20 Presentations (in one block) of the Same Leaf


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I have wondered.  How may I respond in variation to Jean’s grand accumulation, shown just below, of a year’s recording on one section of the Yakima River Canyon?   This leaf, lovely in color and form, I found near the intersection of 44th Street and Eastern Avenue on Dec. 13, 2008.   With little thought, I photographed it centered on twenty settings found between where I lifted the leaf from the gutter and where I live.   The naturalists among you – and there are several in Jean’s family – may be able to identify many of these settings by type(s).  You may also determine a fondness for one setting over the others, but why would you?

The show went on!

For several dozen hearty souls who made their way to the 4th Floor Chapel of the Good Shepherd Center, UP THE DOWN CHIMNEY went forward as planned!

A special thanks to Stu Dempster, who brung the trombone and supplied us with his usual joy and genius.

Here’s a photo taken from above by our sound/light mastermind David Verkade (that’s Paul pontificating in his now-famous Santa suit):

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And before the show, I cracked the windows looking west and, a bit later, east across Wallingford.



Jean's Green Lake Challenges No. 2 thru 4

Here is a small collection of more Jean Green Lake Challenges.  I think  they all date from the 1916 Big Snow and freeze, which froze a few lakes, including Green Lake, and collapsed a few roofs, including the distinguished cupola above the transcenpt at St. James Cathedral.  (They did not rebuild it.)

The ice-site where the fashionable couple pose, one heroic and the other demure, will be hard to find and even more difficult to get to.   Then an action hockey shot, which comes from the same collection as the couple, and like it  may also be hard to both figure and reach.  Best, perhaps,  to stay with and seek the classic postcard view, if you want to walk around the lake in our fresh snow.

It is the  wide angle shot of Green Lake crowded with skaters and is copied from an oft-printed postcard.  This copy is postmarked Feb. 12, 1916, and addressed to Mr Gunnar Ingman at P.O.Box 476 Juneau, Alaska.  The message reads, “This  give you some idea of the crowed that enjoyed the skating on Greek Lake.”  It is signed by Jack, Jill, or Joel.  Can’t tell which.

Here is a negative clue.  The tower on the ridge horizon, center-left, is no longer there.  It was used for drying hoses.



Jean's Challenge No. 2 – GREEN PASTURES


Jean was quick to find the answer to the first Green Lake challenge sent to him here on his own blog.  He found the “repeat” for the 1943 Green Lake snow scene on its north shore as easily, it seems, as tracing the scent of a wet wool sweater drying on a steam radiator.   Jean needs a greater challenge, and so we move our new mystery from the Green Lake in his Seattle neighborhood to the Green Pastures, most likely, of Eastern Washington.  And like the Kodachrome ’43 snow scene this dilapidated farm dates from the 1940s or 1950s at the latest.

Unlike the Green Lake image we know that this farm scene was photographed by Horace Sykes, member of the post-war Seattle Camera Club and an amateur who by the size and quality of his surviving work, we know obviously loved to travel the northwest looking for picturesque landscapes.  Some of them he identified and dated on his slides, but not this one.

There is very little that is tense or newsworthy in the Sykes collection, but lots that are gorgeous examples of what we once with radical edge referred to as bourgeois taste.   But by now I love Sykes’s tender exploring and obvious affection for his subjects.  He never tired of flowers either – especially orchids.

Can Jean meet this new challenge?  While it is almost nothing for Jean to jump in his Nissan and search the state for historical sites to repeat, with this one he will surely need lots of help.   In fact, he might as well stay home.  Almost certainly this old farm site is no more, razed in 60 some years of wind and rot.  But it may well be remembered still and identified.  The trick here is to use this blog’s viewers, especially the ones who have family and friends living on the dry side of the state.  Jean’s Green (Pastures) Challenge No. 2, is, then, a genial plea for help.  Where is it, or was it, this green scene?  We will be patient.

Look for Jean’s Challenge No. 3, soon to come and closer to Green Lake.