Marge Carpenter hands a graphic – an old Rose Lodge postcard – from Tom and Dave’s suspicions that the Two Furred Sawyers were at work on the beach beside Rose Lodge. Marge writes, “Agreeing with Tom and Dave L, my guess is that Paul Dorpat’s photo (well not mind Marge) was taken at the same location. Rose Lodge, built in 1900, is located on Wilton Ct. at 63rd Ave. , one block from Beach Dr. However, I can’t explain who the ladies are or why they’re sawing the log. P.S. I still don’t know how to post a photo in a comment.” Nor do I Marge, and with this blog’s master, Jean off to Stonehenge and other euro-destination for a few weeks I dont as yet know if we can even take comments. I’ll print below the original Lob Cabin borrow photo below of the 2-Women-Sawing for comparison.

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