In this look across Elliott Bay from Duwamish Head the Denny Hill Regrade is well underway with grand effects for the Belltown Ravine. It was filled in. Here the fill dirt can be detected to the right of the trestle-flume that is spouting the hill into the bay. You can see the spouting. What you cannot tell is that this trestle extended many yards off shore, and it was continuously extended as new trestle members – pilings – we driven into the fill when it piled high enough on the floor of the bay to allow for the pile driving and extending. Ultimately, this created a submerged Denny Hill off shore, which required some dredging for the safey of bigger ships. The principal structures of Belltown, including the brick Austin Bell Building and the Belltown AKA Bell Hotel, a large frame structure, can be found on the left below the new Volunteer Standpipe on the horizon. The principal regrading scar that reach across most of this scene is the cliff that marks the eastern border of the regrade work. The cliff was steadily moved to the east until it reach the east side of 5th Avenue where it held until 1929 when the regrading resumed and the razing of Denny Hill was completed.

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