From the same perspective – looking northwest over 4th and Harrison – this sketch appeared in the April 1, 1951 edition of The Seattle Times. The picture’s caption reads in whole, “STADIUM ROOF PROPOSED: The High School Memorial Stadium would resemble this architect’s sketch under a proposal by the Greater Seattle Gospel Crusade, Inc. The proposed high, arching wooden roof would cost about $100,000. The gospel group is prepared to spend $30,000 for a canvas cover for use during next summer’s appearance in the stadium of Billy Graham, evangelist, andwould contributed the $30,000 toward construction of a permanent roof, reprentatives told the School Board. The board indicated no objections to the project, but pointed ouot that no school funds were available.” We note that this proposal was printed on April Foos Day, but discount it as a coincidence. Still the GSGC may have expected a miracle, and perhaps prayed = but not for rain – before spending thirty thousand on a big tent.

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