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Pope to visit the Collège des Bernardins in Paris

(received yesterday from BB:)

Another great day in the 5th arrondissement. Benoit XVI is going to visit the brand new and restored Collège des Bernardins which just reopened last Thursday on the rue des Bernardins.  The Cistercian college was built in 1245, was a famous place of research, diverted during  the revolution,   became a fire station in the 19è century, and now is returned to research, lectures …

All the cars had to move off the surrounding streets and the shops will be closed. The poor Pope couldn’t bring back “little souvenirs” to his family from the dead 5th arrondissement.

Here are a few photos of the opening, many priests, sponsors and a few catholic ladies, impressive and cold.

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Cousins from Aveyron

A little hello from cousin goats from Aveyron; sweet, curious, they answer to their name and come to say hello, cut the grass, give delicious milk for cheese, and also if they are curly like the white angora one on the left, they give wool.  
Do you know the story of “La chèvre de Monsieur Seguin”? Monsieur Seguin’s goat behaves courageously and fights a wolf all night long because she wants to live free.
For this story and more, read “Les lettres de mon moulin” (“Letters from my Mill”) by Alphonse Daudet – delicious tales from Provence.

Fenêtres de ma cuisine (my kitchen window)

Le théâtre de la vie des Génovéfains a repris depuis le 1er Septembre. On s’ennuyait, les immeubles étaient tristes, et les rideaux des fenêtres étaient immobiles.

(The theatre of the inhabitants of Montagne Sainte Geneviève resumed on the 1st of September.  We had been bored; even the buildings were sad, with motionless window curtains) 

Photo du 4 Août

Hier soir, les fenêtres s’éclairent et j’attends le scoop, (modérément).

(Yesterday evening, the windows lit up, and I waited for the scoop (in moderation)) 

(photo du 1er Septembre)

Depuis trois jours, 4 policiers gardent discrètement l’entrée du 26 rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève, et tout le quartier a repéré le manège, la rumeur laisse entendre que c’est un bandit corse qui est recherché et chacun de fantasmer s’il est meurtrier, voleur, pire…

(For three days, four cops staked out the entrance to 26 rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève, but the entire district spotted them. It’s rumored that they’re on the trail of a Corsican villain and everyone imagines he’s a thief, a murderer, or worse.)

Moi, j’ai demandé à l’épicière de me prévenir en cas de “grabuge”, car je ne veux pas rater mon premier scoop.

(As for me, I asked the grocer to alert me if there’s any action, because I didn’t want to miss the scoop.)

La plus frondeuse des voisine s’est adressée à l’un des policiers , car elle avait peur pour ses enfants, et voulait connaître l’ampleur du danger.
La réponse du policier, bien que rassurante, nous a tous déçu : en fait ils s’agirait de deux trafiquants de cartes bleues, ” ceux qui louent au premier étage et ne payent pas leur loyer depuis 6 mois”.

(The most rebellious of my neighbors, concerned for her kids’ safety, spoke with one of the cops, demanding to know if there was real danger. The cop’s response, although comforting, disappointed us all. Evidently, it’s just two ATM card traffickers: “they rented the first floor but haven’t paid for the last six months”.)

Et personne, n’était capable de se souvenir des visages, ni de la silhouettede ces deux petits bandits.

(And no one was able to remember the faces of these two little thieves, nor their allure.)

Aujourd’hui, les policiers sont partis, et moi, j’ai une photo de ma fenêtre de plus.

(Today, the police have gone, and I’ve taken one more photo from my kitchen window.)

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Welcome, Bérangère!

Bérangère Lomont, our dear friend from Paris, will join us here whenever she has the time and the inclination, and share her stunning images, visions, passing fancies, and deepest thoughts. We are thrilled to have her onboard and blogging with us.

BB will post in both French and English for all her friends and soon-to-be admirers.

BB with apple tart and yankee apron