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Photos we won't be using

Yesterday, I made a few stops around town picking up Now and Then shots for Paul’s column. Those below are extras.

First, I stopped at the 41st and Aurora pedestrian overpass and met historian/preservationist Heather McAuliffe and her daughter’s grade school class and teachers from BF Day for a repeat of a 1936 photo. The original was taken below the overpass looking up.

Then I headed downtown to meet Ron Edge, a photo collector and history sleuth, who’s been helping Paul unravel mysteries. We were trying to repeat a pic of an old tin shop at the corner of what is now 1st and Yesler. Here’s Ron, braving traffic:

Later that afternoon, I met baseball historian Dave Eskenazi and we climbed up on top of a vast rooftop (a windowless storage building for King County Elections) looking for signs of Dugdale Park, an ancient baseball field.  This eerie white expanse, which covers the footprint of the old park, is just around the corner from Washington Hall at 14th and Fir.

As always, click on the pix to see them full size.


Attached here is the cover to the second issue – from April 1969 – of the Northwest Passage, the splendid and long-lived (although no longer) tabloid that was Bellingham’s contribution to the “underground press” of the late 1960s and after.  Many of those connected at one time or another with the paper – and there were through its life many hundreds – meet irregularly as members of the Old Fools Society or Old Fools Salon or Old Fools Forces or some other Old Fools.  Now this far-flung membership is using the web to ween about a 40th anniversary of the NWP founding and, perhaps, to “repeat” the historical group pose that appears below.  This is an extended call for help in naming those captured here in the Spring of 1969 on some enchanted old porch in Bellingham or near it. (Mouse it to enlarge it.)