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This record of the new Aurora Bridge – with the wrought iron (really wood painted flat black) tower beyond – it is a treat. The rare lantern slide looks north from Queen Anne Hill over the nearly new Aurora Bridge to the north side neighborhoods of Edgewater on the left and Wallingford on the right. The building holding to the horizon on the right is the Good Shepherd Center. The short-lived de l’Edgewater Eiffel la Tour can be seen just breaking the horizon on the left. At some point this lantern slide was hand-colored, as was often the custom, but not with care. The blue area below the bridge while meant to depict the ship canal is actually still south of that waterway’s south shore. It should have been given an earth color. Otherwise we have been assured by our private donor that no retouching has been done to the antiquarian lantern slide. Fremont is out of frame to the left. Did you know that the Edgewater Eiffel Tour was built to one-tenth size of the original in Paris? It reached more than 106 feet high! By comparison this made it only ten feet shorter than the Sixth and Pine Building at Sixth and Pine. It was intended that from the top of la Tour Edgewater Eiffel you could see something in all directions including Ballard to the west in spite of Fremont being in the way.

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