FEstival-of-the-West-proposed-12-16-56 WEB

Century 21 was anticipated by the “Festival of the West,” a worlds fair proposed for the municipal center grounds in 1956. This sketch appear in the Times on Dec. 16, 1956, with about a foot of copy. The short captions noted, in part, that the “World Fair Commission recommends [that is] be held in Seattle in 1960 and 1961. Festival buildings would be grouped at Seattle’s Civic Center. In addition, a monument symbolic of the festival would be erected on Duwamish Head. Also planned is an amusement zone on tidelands west of Duwamish Head.” Curious, for happy planners of several generations have looked at Duwamish Head as a find site for fun and festivals. The lights of Duwamish Head are featured at the top of this sketch, but there is no Space Needle.

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