This we proposed – understanding that we can be very tolerant towards ourselves – was photographed from very near what is since 2003 the Kreielsheimer “space.” For our third offering in the fair-festival package we took several shots that looked west and a little north on Republican Street from its intersection with Second Ave. The contemporary subject is the Bagley Wright Theatre. In an earlier footprint that northwest corner of Second and Republican was held by the Sarah Yesler Home for working women. (It had later uses as an apartment.) We see it again here above the tents of the Army’s horse and mule men who are here to watch over the stock of horses headed for the Philipines. Although not seen Mercer Street is just out of frame to the right. So how far do you think this is from the home with the tower? If it is one block and a few yards then these soldiers are posing at the future promenade.

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