The print above of the by now familiar Interurban block on Occidental between Washington Street and Yesler Way is used as introduction to three Kodachrome slide taken by Lawton Gowey, an old friend whom I first met in the 1970s because we were both interested in local history, and especially in its illustrative side. Lawton was then still auditing the books for Seattle utilities with his office in the City Light Building on Third at Madison. We shared a lot of images, and he was especially astute in matters of transportation, the real authority with Leslie Blanchard, whom he helped with Blanchard’s book on local trolley history. Lawton died of a heart attach not long after his retirment. He hoped to have a long one for pursuing his severals zests for history, travel and making music. He was the organist for a Presbyterian church in the Queen Anne neighborhood. The following three repeats all look north on Occidental from Washington, and show the changes that followed the destruction of the Seattle Hotel (which is still intact in the first photo, but not for long) and the formation of the preservation movement and it neighborhood victories with the official forming of the Pioneer Square Historic District.

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