I imagine that this is salt water with a madrona, I think, rooted in a small head on the left. Someone or thing has determined that Washington State has 2,337 miles of marine shoreline. I read it in “Building Washington” and so can you. The entire book – exceptin the spobnsor’s “vanity” section in the rear of this 5 pound encyclopedia may be read on this blog. Look under the front page button on books. Or might it be one of those long lakes in the Candian West? At least we can be confident that this, unlike so many of Horace Sykes’ other surprised, is not Utah. The light is dimming and so is the efficiency of Sykes lens. The fosuc is soft – almost intentionally like an early-century pictorialist landscape, which Horace admired when he was first learning photography late in the19th century. We have ask this so often of many other of Sykes unidentified subjects. Does anyone recognize this one – this dreamscape?

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