Page 356 from King County Plat Book No. 1 dated ___ 1869 and including on a plat map for David Denny’s addition called North Seattle. Gardiner Kellog, the country auditor, has attempt to give the map some gravitas by giving some of the letters, at least, in “Plat” a block rendering. Kellog’s hand writing is difficult for me. We can make out that the streets are 66 ft wide, the alleys 16 feet wide and the lots to be sold are 60 by 120 feet – a typical lots size for that time. I remember taking hand-held slides with available “bunker” light of several pages from this book a quarter-century ago or so at the county archive. The copy is consequently soft in its focus. The page on the right does not, I think, related to the North Seattle plat, but it is also hard to read – for me. But then Kellog was also a druggist for most of his many years in Seattle, and the first Fire Chief, and the City’s Postmaster from 1864 to 1872. It was this year that Seattle was at last incorporated, although the north city limits was set at Howell Street. In 1883 it was pushed north to the top of Queen Anne Hill at McGraw Street and so then also included Denny’s North Seattle addition. Note the street names on the map – if you can read them. Some are familiar, like Mercer, Republican, Harrison, Thomas, and John. Some are not. Temperance, a favorite Denny preoccupation, was later changed to Queen Anne Ave., and Depot Street, which expressed Denny’s hope that a railroad depot would be built as its waterfront origin, never got its depot. The name was changed to Denny to honor the plat’s namesake.

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