In Wallingford

Noel writes:

I’ve made a dancing thing with no arms but two beautiful legs.
It lives inside of me, but I wear it like a coat, keeping me in darkness.
Formless, faceless, stacked and grown over years like so much manure,
A throbbing clot in the arteries of my head and my heart.
It stage whispers that I’m both what matters and unworthy.
I gave it legs to run.

Generous Contributions

While walking Wallingford this week I’ve come upon two examples of what will most likely soon become a great commonplace of public giving.  As we approach the grand opening or first day of the new federal requirement for high definiton TV and this new age of entertainment and education becomes the right and responsibility of every citizen in their pursuit of happiness and verrisimilitude, more non-complying televisions will be given up by citizens who ask no thanks.  The single set shown here (below) was found gently resting on its face in a driveway on Meridian Avenue near the Tully’s parking lot off 45th Street – Wallingford’s “Highway to Ballard.”  The two sets (above) were neatly set at the edge of another parking lot, appropriately that behind the Hollywood Video, also on 45th.  Look for much more of this curbside philanthropy in the weeks ahead.  While one may check set labels for expiration dates, there are none.  Sometimes the once warm boxes do include their year of origin.  The attached label from the Meridian Ave. set – a Sharp Model 19np58 – reveals that it is barely twenty years old and so probably eager to turn on for someone these last few weeks.

Fenêtres de ma cuisine (my kitchen window)

Le théâtre de la vie des Génovéfains a repris depuis le 1er Septembre. On s’ennuyait, les immeubles étaient tristes, et les rideaux des fenêtres étaient immobiles.

(The theatre of the inhabitants of Montagne Sainte Geneviève resumed on the 1st of September.  We had been bored; even the buildings were sad, with motionless window curtains) 

Photo du 4 Août

Hier soir, les fenêtres s’éclairent et j’attends le scoop, (modérément).

(Yesterday evening, the windows lit up, and I waited for the scoop (in moderation)) 

(photo du 1er Septembre)

Depuis trois jours, 4 policiers gardent discrètement l’entrée du 26 rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève, et tout le quartier a repéré le manège, la rumeur laisse entendre que c’est un bandit corse qui est recherché et chacun de fantasmer s’il est meurtrier, voleur, pire…

(For three days, four cops staked out the entrance to 26 rue de la Montagne Sainte Geneviève, but the entire district spotted them. It’s rumored that they’re on the trail of a Corsican villain and everyone imagines he’s a thief, a murderer, or worse.)

Moi, j’ai demandé à l’épicière de me prévenir en cas de “grabuge”, car je ne veux pas rater mon premier scoop.

(As for me, I asked the grocer to alert me if there’s any action, because I didn’t want to miss the scoop.)

La plus frondeuse des voisine s’est adressée à l’un des policiers , car elle avait peur pour ses enfants, et voulait connaître l’ampleur du danger.
La réponse du policier, bien que rassurante, nous a tous déçu : en fait ils s’agirait de deux trafiquants de cartes bleues, ” ceux qui louent au premier étage et ne payent pas leur loyer depuis 6 mois”.

(The most rebellious of my neighbors, concerned for her kids’ safety, spoke with one of the cops, demanding to know if there was real danger. The cop’s response, although comforting, disappointed us all. Evidently, it’s just two ATM card traffickers: “they rented the first floor but haven’t paid for the last six months”.)

Et personne, n’était capable de se souvenir des visages, ni de la silhouettede ces deux petits bandits.

(And no one was able to remember the faces of these two little thieves, nor their allure.)

Aujourd’hui, les policiers sont partis, et moi, j’ai une photo de ma fenêtre de plus.

(Today, the police have gone, and I’ve taken one more photo from my kitchen window.)

– see, “Welcome, Bérangère” below….also, visit BB’s site listed in our blogroll –Jean

"The Mountain That Would Be God" or at least Given Some Almighty Attention

This is not a revival of the Wild Salmon countdown run earlier through the month of August (see the archive), but an instance of an insistent Mt. Rainier.  The reflected sunset this evening (Sept. 2) around 7 pm gave this command performance above Seattle’s Capitol Hill.   Again this representation, like the others below, was snapped with the support of the street sign at the northwest corner of 42nd Street and 1st Ave. N.E. in Wallingford.  (It is one of the about 400 scenes I have repeated most days for the last two years for art and exercise.)  The expression “The Mountain That Would Be God” got considerable play during the long early-20th Century contest between Seattle and Tacoma promoters over how to name Mt. Rainier/Mt. Tacoma.   For some “The God Mountain” was a glorious compromise, although ordinarily this almighty allusion was expressed differently, using instead the rhetorical banner just noted in sentences like “Dear, do you suppose uncle Knud from Bismark would like a drive up to The Mountain That Would Be God?”  And the answer, “Dear, I believe that the  proper name is ‘The Mountain That Was God.’ not ‘would be God’.  You may have thinking of the The Man Who Would Be King a short story by Rudyard Kipling.  Have you read it?”  “No, but I did get started with his novella, The Man Who Would Be Kind.”

Welcome, Bérangère!

Bérangère Lomont, our dear friend from Paris, will join us here whenever she has the time and the inclination, and share her stunning images, visions, passing fancies, and deepest thoughts. We are thrilled to have her onboard and blogging with us.

BB will post in both French and English for all her friends and soon-to-be admirers.

BB with apple tart and yankee apron


Here I have captured for the moment Seattle’s admired torch singer Julie Cascioppo on a construction site in Wallingford.  SOON Julie is giving her last performance in Seattle before flying away to BALI.  Here are the facts.

On Sept 11 – a Thursday – from 7 to 8:30 PM she will be performing at EGAN’S BALLARD HAM HOUSE, at 1707 Market St. in Ballard, of course.   Telephone reservations can be made.   Call 206-789-4624.

Julie will be singing ORIGINAL SONGS from her recent JACK STRAW PROJECT, as well as some of her HITS.

Here’s some boiler on Julie.

“In a world of boy toys and riot girls, Julie! Stands alone.  And she also stands tall in the tradition of ‘red hot’ mamas like Sophie Tucker and Mae West.   When not on one of her globe-trotting itineraries, Julie holds court variously at the Sorrento Hotel, the Pink Door and Eagans.

“From the sultry jazz singer of her recent CD, ‘SOMETHING COOL’ to the hilarious monologist of her one-woman show, I ENJOY BEING ABROAD (Performing so far in Paris, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and New Delhi.)  Julie! Is always unpredictable.

“She can be soft as a cello or brassy as a French horn.”

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