D-DAY: THE LANDINGS ON THE BEACHES OF NORMANDY, JUNE 6, 1944. This however is paris. The street is named at the bottom. In the distance is the Arch of Triumph and beyond it the Louvre. On the upper right horizon is the cupola for the Pantheon, which is but three blocks from the home of our very own Berangere Lomont on the Rue Genevieve, the Patron Saint of Paris, whose (or one of whose) birthdays we also celebrate on THIS DAY IN HISTORY – JUNE 6. The picture here is uncanny, or at least strange. Except for a few military vehicles and scattered pedestrians there is very little moving below. The scene is one of severa low altitude fly-byes and all of them have the same silence or lack of commotion. Paris was liberated over a few days in late August. As soon at the Germans left (those that did not simply stay with the surrender on August 25th) the streetes of Paris were very busy with parades, general celebration and also some shaming of Parisians who had cooperated with the Germans.

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