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  1. Have you seen the socks on the Keys of Knowledge outside Franklin High School? I say Queen Anne Hill is the highest point in Seattle and my friend says it’s Capital Hill. Who’s right?

    Thank You for keeping Seattle past and present.

  2. @Tim Moody The highest point on land in Seattle is High Point in West Seattle at 520 feet. You and your friend can visit the city public park there by the water towers at 35th Avenue SW and SW Myrtle Street. Public artwork there compares the relative heights of Seattle’s hills. Queen Anne hill is the second highest hill. More Seattle info for you at http://www.seattle.gov and more Washington State history at http://www.historylink.org

    1. Dates for the 2017 Olympia parades, which now includes day and evening parades –

      The 2017 Procession Celebration:
      Where Life on Earth Matters

      Luminary Procession – 9:30pm Friday, April 28, 2017
      Procession of the Species: 4:30pm Saturday, April 29, 2017

      There is a link from http://www.procession.org which lists the many other Procession of Species parades around the world which have taken inspiration from our Olympia original.

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