Frank Shaw recorded this scene from the Spring Festival of Fun, on March 14, 1964 and in the rain at Westlake Mall. 1964 is not so long ago. Hopefully someone will help us identify the keepers of these dafodils and managers of this fun.

Those daffodils were either given away or sold cheap for this first of the downtown Spring Festival of Fun. It was another try at adding some life to the community following the great shock of it that came with the 1962 Century 21. And it was for that that this southern terminus for the Monorail was created, and so became another and smaller “Seattle Center.” On the following day, the Ides of March, the celebrating moved to the old finger piers for “Waterfront Day.” Joe James of the Ye Olde Curiosity Sop was chosen chairman. Earlier Ted Griffin, then still the struggling manager of the Marine Aquarium on Pier 56, announced plans to use Waterfront Day for an octopus wrestling match, which every Old Settler knew suspected was inspirted by the “Great Rassel of 1947” between Two Ton Tony and Oscare the Octopus in Pat the Seal’s sidewalk pool at Ivar’s Pier 54 Aquarium. Griffin was still one year shy of his great celebrity with the capture and exhibition of the killer whale Namu at his pier. Ivar’s part in the ’64 fun was to arrange the musical accompaniement for Waterfront Day as Pep Perry’s Fire House Five Plus Tuw played for the open house of the new fire station at the foot of Madison and so next door to Ivar’s Acres of Clams.

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