At this moment Jean Sherrard is up at Hillside preparing and directing his older students there for their performance two weeks hence of the one of the Bard’s plays that involve a confusion of twins. An old trick borrowed from the classics, I think. In this Hillside case Jean has real twins playing the part. You really should come. What has this to do with Mt. St. Helens? During one of his play production marches, Jean has time to do little else. But we will here tease him at least with the tought that me might put up with this Horace Sykes #53 of Mt. St. Helens his own view of it – the view he took for our book “Washington Then and Now” – the view that repeats Ellis’ black and white photograph of this same scene from close to the same time (within a few unmarked years) that Sykes took his. Jean’s repeat was an adventure, which he may repeat for this place by just inserting his text from the book, although with its then-now photographs.

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