The Turret Arch of Utah’s Arches National Park is part of the mass on the far left, although here you cannot se the arch itself. which just lost in the “folds.” If memory serves there are about 2000 arches in this park, and this one, from the right perspective, is a delicate sequence of different shapes joined in two parts by an arch. It is close to the Windows, two arches are are quite huge. The Turret is about 8 miles north of Moab Utah, and one would do well to visit Moab and the most charmed land about it. It is but a dozen miles from the Canyon Lands, eighty miles to Capitol Reef, one hundred and fifty to Bryce Natonal Park – to the west – and a similar distance to Shiprock in New Mexico, which marks the southeast corner of this incredible collection of canyons and monoliths. Just south of the Utah-Arizona line is Monument Valley. Two hundred miles to the southwest and the desert starts to open to the Grand Canyon. And Moab is a mere twenty miles form the center of the La Sal Mountains, a tite little range of 12,000 foot-plus peaks that are especially uncanny in the winder when capped with snow. Mt.Peale at 12,720 is the highest. The elevation of Moab is a few feet above 4000. And so on.

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