CONWAY BANK – An old one but not here. This view was snappy by me, I think, either in 1970 or 71 on a trip with the bank The Youngbloods from Seattle to Bellingham where they were expect to play that night at WWSU – and did. The Conway Bank was then Beck’s Bank, the home of sculptor Larry Beck, seen here croucing on the bottom step with the pill-box hat, sort of. The camera that too this snapshot was probably Fred Bauer’s. He holds a Shazzam pose on the left. Fred is an old friend and superb artist. He has been “gone” to California for nearly 40 years. His brother John is behind him. John’s art was furniture – lavish furniture. The other of the Memphis Bauer boys is Joe who is center front smiling. Joe was the bands Drummer. The poser with the big black hair is Banana, guitar, piano and much else. I do not know the man behind him nor the woman leaning at the top of the steps. Next to her is artist Charles Larry Heald, who after moving to California, eventaullly near Fred in Humbolt County, is now back living in the Skagit Valley and painting. Beck’s Bank was a favorite stop for me and many others when traveling between Seattle and Bellingham.

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