CONWAY BANK – The bank is old but not the picture. It was snapped in 1970 or 71 while enroute from Seattle to Bellingham with the band The Youngbloods. The camera probably belongs to ceramicist Fred Bauer on the left. I suppose I snapped it. Joe Bauer, Fred’s brother and the band’s drummer is in the forground smiling. Banana, the piano and rhythm guitar and much else, has the big black hair on the stairs. Painter Charles Larry Heald is at the top of the stairs. I do not know the name of the woman leaning beside him. Nor do I know who the lad is just above Banana and also on the stairs. That leaves two: first the artist – with wood mostly – John Bauer, the third of the Memphis Bauer boys. Finally leaning behind Banana is the owner-resident of the bank, sculptor Larry Beck. I think all of these survive – those I know – except Larry who passed long ago – 15 years perhaps. The “Beck Bank” was a wonderful crossroads attraction for friends while traveling between Seattle and Bellibngham, principally.

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