The shadow of Denny Hotel (aka Washington Hotel) darkens the bottom-right corner of this A. Curtis shot that looks east from Denny Hill to Capitol Hill. The structure noted in the 4th Ave. subject printed above this, appears here center-bottom at the northeast corner of 4th and Stewart. Four blocks to the west on Stewart, the bright white west facade of the Swedish Lutheran Church (Gesthemane Lutheran) shines from the southeast corner of 8th and Stewart. The climb east from 7th Ave. is considerably steeper than it is now and since Stewart was regrade through this block and its neighboring blocks too. At the bottom-right corner, Olive Way originates at 4th Ave. The steepless first home of St. Marks Episcopal is squeezed onto this flatiron block with the parsonage behind it. The slender steeple of the Swedish Baptist Church ascends above the Episopalians. It sits are the northeast corner of Olive and 5th and so will be cut-through/eliminated with the creation Westlake Ave. in 1906.

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