Here I have juxtaposed two Monroe, WA cards that have to do generally with “education” there. They came from the same collection as well. The bottom are shows the plans for a proposed enlargement, I assume, of the state’s school for “bad boys” at Monroe, that dreaded reformatory that all teenage boys hope to avoid and escape. The “modern” institutional part of these plans are in contrast to the clapboad residentail-like structures to the front and back of them. The postcard on top show similar clapboard structures and also captions marked on the negative and by the user of the produce postcard on the card itself, which leave generous roof for a description. The handwritten “This is school I don’t go to.” suggests, perhaps, that the author either knows something about these buildings that it’s innocent caption does not reveal – that is, that this is that very reformatory itself – or he is using the association with the town Monroe to make a joke, thinking that the reader will understand that he means this to be the notorious reformatory in Monroe, for purposes of his dark humor, even if it is not.

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