1. XX-First-Hill-section-1912-Baist-Map-GRAB WEB

Not named in this detail, 6th Avenue runs along the left side of what is included here, and a snipit of 9th Avenue is at the upper-right corner in front of St James Cathedral. The Central School footprinted here, upper-right, is the one just shown several times. It took the place of an earlier frame Central School that was lost to fire in 1888. We follow this map with a picture or two of it. Block 48 includes at its upperleft northwest corner the footprint for the McNaught’s big home and next to it the even bigger apartment. To the south of McNaught is another larger structure, which was razed in the mid-1920s for the gas station. Running along the north side of Columbia Street are the tow houses seen in several of photographs featured here. Also note the brick apartments on the north side of Madison Street, upperleft. They appear again below in several photos that look east on Madison from 6th Avenue.

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