Seattle 1900-1920: From Boomtown, Urban Turbulence to Restoration


What follows is the first book of Richard C. Berner’s superb trilogy, Seattle in the 20th Century. We have divided the book into downloadable, fully illustrated PDF files (which can be read using most browsers or the free Acrobat Reader).

Please click on any of the Parts below to download.

Paul Dorpat’s introduction

Part One (3 mb)
Part Two (4.3 mb)
Part Three (4.4 mb)
Part Four (3 mb)
Part Five (3.5 mb)
Part Six (4.2 mb)
Part Seven (4.2 mb)
Part Eight (3.8 mb)
Part Nine (377 kb)

9 thoughts on “Seattle 1900-1920: From Boomtown, Urban Turbulence to Restoration”

  1. Hello Mr. Dorpat,
    My husband and I have lived in Wallingford since 1973. Our house will be 100 years old next year (4524 Latona Avenue NE). We are only the 4th owner. I am looking for any information or pictures about our house and our area (University Daniel’s Grove). What advice might you give me regarding how to conduct my search?

    I love the work you do helping us all keep our sense of history. It is a real gift to Seattle.

    Thank you in advance for any help you might give me,
    Ellen Mitchell

  2. To Ellen (above)

    What a small world. I was born in 1959 when we lived at 4541 Latona. We lived there until 1965. My brothers and sisters have many fond memories of Latona ave. and I do too, although I was very young.

    G. Shiels

  3. Dear Mr. Dorpat: I am trying to locate information on the prefab housing built in 1940’s for war workers. There were small communities with services incl. recreation and schools for the children, and they were so loved by those (women, mostly) who lived there that they opposed the govt’s plan to tear down the entire complex, which they did. There was a documentary shown years ago on PBS. Were there stories about the housing in a Seattle paper? is there an archive in the city library (and what is their email?) Any leads would be most appreciated. tnx

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