Ruth Prins: the writings

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The writings

Here we present Ruth Prins in her writerly glory. First is the full manuscript of an unpublished World War II memoir, written decades later and recounting her service life with husband Bob in several domestic posts.

Next is a series of brief, mid-1970s essays on early childhood education, fueled by her experience at running preschools. It is not known where — or even whether — she intended to have them published. There are 22 essays in all. Only 10 have dates. Enjoy!

Ruth Prins’ World War II memoir: “Over Here! Over Here! Sketchbook of an Army Wife (1942-1945).” Click on image to see entire 51-page pdf. (Courtesy Debra Prins)

Ruth’s 22 essays

A Lie Is a Both (March 23, 1976)

All the World’s a Stage

An Eye for an Eye


Do You Mean What I Say?


Fascination vs. No-No (Oct. 13, 1974)

Just a Little Bit Sick

My Son the Genius (April 12, 1976)

One a Penny Two a Penny (Dec. 5, 1974)

Rx: One Test (June 10, 1976)

Snowwhite in Jail

Thank You, Please! (Nov. 13, 1974)

The Bicentennial is a Thingamagig (June 2, 1976)

The Domino Theory

The Gifted Child (Nov. 13, 1974)

The Scaries (April 7, 1976)

The Shy Guy

Viva La Difference (March 7, 1976)


What Is a Family?

You Know What!


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