Ruth Prins: the schedule

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An ad for “Wunda Wunda” acnhors the right-hand page of this spread from the May 24, 1963, TV Guide. (Joey Beretta)

The schedule

Ruth Prins’ “Wunda Wunda” show generally aired at noon on weekdays, but not always. KING-TV experimented with different times for it, but when parents complained that they wanted their kids to watch it at lunchtime just before a nap, KING often relented and returned it to the noon slot.

In its last years, as debate increased over whether children’s TV hosts should endorse commercial products on the air, “Wunda Wunda” danced around the broadcast schedule. KING reduced its frequency and relegated it to the weekends.

The air dates and times for Ruth Prins’ “Telaventure Tales” also shifted through its 16 years on KING-TV

In the tables below, you can chart these changes, thanks to the detailed research of Joey Beretta, who runs the Vintage Seattle TV Listings page on Facebook. Be sure to click each table to enlarge it for easy viewing. Thanks, Joey!

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