Seattle Now & Then: The architecture of love

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The pre-Valentine’s Day cover of the Feb. 13, 2022, PacificNW magazine of the Seattle Times. (Design by David Miller)

Building love over time

Our “Now & Then” column often focuses on the built environment, but in anticipation of Valentine’s Day, we turn our cameras (and hearts) to the architecture of romance.

We are delighted that PacificNW magazine of The Seattle Times granted Jean and Clay the opportunity to prepare this “Now & Then Special” cover story on four longtime couples for the print edition of the magazine’s pre-Valentine’s Day edition of Feb. 13, 2022.

Below are links to:

  • The personal backstory
  • The stories of the four couples, with “web extras”

You also can visit the Seattle Times website for the four couples in our cover story plus the backstory. Enjoy!


Clay Eals (left) and Jean Sherrard

How much do we love love? Let us (re)count the ways

And here is the Seattle Times link for the backstory.


Phill and Louise Briscoe, June 1993

‘A lot of damn questions’ helped romance bloom in their 40s

And here is the Seattle Times link on the Briscoes.


Rena Ilumin and Tom Roth, November 1978.

From stool to stool, and house to home, their love endures

And here is the Seattle Times link for Ilumin-Roth.


Debra Willendorf (left) and Jaci Oseguera, June 1995.

‘Could I have this (second) dance for the rest of my life?’

And here is the Seattle Times link for Oseguera-Willendorf.


Charyl Kay and Earl Sedlik, 1975.

Interruptions can’t interrupt this 55-year marriage

And here is the Seattle Times link for the Sedliks.

Now & then here and now…

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