259 – Wash State Theatre in front of Rep Theatre on Ave. 41st

This group portrait also appears, p.259, in the second of Richard C. Berner’s three volumes on “Seattle in the 20th Century.” It is titled “Seattle 1921-1940” and is one of our preoccupations. Ron Edge and I are working to illustrate it with the same “splendor” that we contributed to Berner’s Vol.1, which can be searched thru this blog. We hope you will. Rich Berner’s caption for this photograph, used courtesy of the Special Collections Division, U.W. Librasries, (Neg. No. 14054) reads, “”The Washington State Theatre also was a spinoff of the SRP, once fundain was received form the Rockefeller Foundation. That State Department of Public Instruction sponsored this traveling theaer group’s statewide tour. “No More Frontiers” was written by Idaho’s TalbotJennings.”

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