Like our first, this our second offering of a daily Horace Sykes may be a scene along the lower Yakima River. Most of the images we come up with as long as we are able are not identified. When Horace Sykes arrived in Seattle in the late 1920 to work here as a fire insurance adjuster he was already an accomplished photographer with a knack for experiment and a genius for the picturesque. A quarter-century ago I was given a large collection of his Kodachrome slides. They are landscapes for the most part, but with many orchids mixed in. He was also a flower enthusiast. Except for family photos people rarely appear as subjects. And, again, it is alwasy a surprise to find any identification written on the cardboard of his slides. And so we ask again – and will every day – that if you have some understanding or even hunch for where Horace Sykes recorded this riverscape please share it. And if you are near it, please repeat it with your own camera and share it with us all.

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