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Goats above and goats below is back. But perhaps only temporarily. Time for a small rant. We “upgraded” our server for greater speed and memory. Thereafter, it promptly was shut down by the new server, as having put too much on the blog and from a source that we know was shut down. The new server, we should add, is actually the same old server we started with three years ago or so and managed to work with fine until surprises – shutdowns – started about three months ago. These shutdowns have all be mystified. The company cannot explain them. But they can suggest solutions to problems that did not earlier exist. Pay more. So we did. But to the result just noted. Total shut down accompanied by a suggestion that we pay more. This is rather like a protection racket – it seems. “It seems” because no one on the “serving” end of this drama can explain it. We know the useful role of mystification in politics. Given the fumbling of the servers representatives (except for the sales persons) we find it hard to imagine that this is a strategy. Nevertheless it works as one. We are paying more. And asked to still pay more. This ends this rant -and yet without satisfaction.

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