When I was nine or ten – and so in 1947 or ’48 – I spend a week at church camp on Lost Lake in the Okanogan, and fell deeply in love with the older daughter of another preacher who we lecturing that summer at the same camp. But that is a distraction from this story. On the way from Spokane we drove across the top of the Grand Coulee Dam spillway and dad stopped the car – it was permitted – so that we could get out and look over the edge. It changed my life – it did! Looking straight donw on the spillway ignited some dreadful synapse of fear in me, and I have been frightened of heights ever since. When I came upon this slide by Sykes my heart holding hands with my stomach leapt again. Horace started visiting the dam when it was under construction in the late 1930s. The generators started producing power in March 1941, ahead of schedule.

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