Typically, I cannot find the negatives for that 60s trip to Black Diamond when he stumbled upon the Neely Mansion enroute. This one example of the day’s shoot was available because it was used in The Seattle Sun sometime in the mid-1970s. Susan Chadwick, then the editor, asked me if I had anything they could run for Halloween. I thought of – and found! – the Black Diamond trip photos and made this pre-photoshop collage of my distant snap of the mansion with a forground copied from a TV Horror film (I once knew the name of this actress – David will know) and also lifted a storm cloud from a slide that

Typically, tonight I cannot find the negatives I snapped on our 60s trip to the Black Diamond Bakery – except for this one. Susan Chadwick, editor of the Seattle Sun called me sometime in the mid-70s looking for something to use in that paper for Halloween. I remembered the stumble upon the Neely Mansion, and offered it to her knit to a face borrowed from a horror film shot off of TV (I once knew the name of this actress – David or Bill will know!) and a storm cloud lifter from a slide of a moving sky over Inverness, Cal. that Fred Bauer sent to me in the early 1970s. Susan ran it – I seem to remember.

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