Here Horace Sykes gives a caption with the signs between the road. Those on the left are downright forbidding. They read “Caution Road Beyond Dangerous” and “Caution Road Construction Next 10 Miles.” The rustic sign far right reads “Entering Mt. Baker National Forest” and that is a hint, which is fulfilled with the remain metal sign, which tell the driver she or he is leaving Okanogan County and entering Whatcom County. If I have figured this correctly with the help of Google Earth this is Hart Pass at about 6190 feet. and that is high for Washington Pass suitable for vehicles with courageous motorists. This is the intersection of National Forest Development Roads 500, 700 and 5400. The last will take you west into the Upper Methow Valley, the likely route the Sykes took to reach the pass. The town of Mazamba is but a dozen crow miles down the way. The view looks north to Slate Peak (if I am reading it correctly). And one can drive by switch backs to the top of the peak and visit the fire lookout there. At an elevation of 7,488 feet it is the highest elevation one can drive to in this state. North of there – for hiking not driving – towards the Canadian border are more passes with names, in order, like Windy, Foggy and Woody.

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