An odd and early example of “adult films” is listed here on Nov. 21, 1919 for the Atlas, but not in a advert. but rather in a news clip, albiet ones on the Seattle Times film page. The Atlas is described as showing “While Oats” in 1919. We have found some “Wild Oats” on line for 1919, a film that “according to reviews . . .was made under auspices of the New York City Dept of Health and the US. Navy and was ‘approved’ by the ‘surgeon generals.” Special screenings were arranged for Pres. Woodrow Wilson and members of the U.S. Senate and HOuse of Reps. In early 192, the film was recopyrighted twice and re-release as a seven-reeler under the new title Some Wild Oats . . . ” What kind of film was Wild Oats? The plot is summarized, “Motivated by his affliction with syphilis, a wealthy young man schemes to prevent a young country boy from making the same mistake as he. At the afflicted man’s request, a reputable physician arranges for some hospital nurses to impersonate prostitutes and thus convince the boy that a visit to the brothel can result in his contraction of the dread disease.”d

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