I wrote a feature for this look across Portage Bay into the Montlake Cut when the dam for lower Lake Washington was still in place at the east end of the cut. This looks east from the north end of Capitol Hill – in the Roanoke Neighborhood. The electronic file for this missing story is nearliy lost in some old computer from the 1980s, and the published clipping is now in the complete pack of them in Jean’s hands as he reviews that for possible inclusion in our exhibit and book on “Repeat Photography” due next April at MOHAI and between covers. I hope my confusion is clarified in that missing text. I note in the story above that the lowering of the big lake into the small one was completed through that dam in October. But here it still is – the dam – and what snow is this? Perhaps they did not dismantle the dam until later that fall or early winter and so in time for a light snow to fall and hold. This is not the famous “Big Snow” of Jan-Feb 1916. All shall be revealed – in time (but hardliy out of it.)

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