MORE MOOSE MEETINGS – Be Careful Or You May Get What You Ask For.

Recently, Seattle resident Sally Anderson’s sister Sharon, also known as Deedo, who lives in the highlands of Utah, was visited by a moose. Sally, who describes Deedo as a “moose lover,” had already worried about her sister’s expressed urge to meet face-to-face with a moose in peace.

The attached moose portrait, which said sister recorded through her bedroom window, while standing on the bed, suggests that her wish has nearly come true.

Sharon’s snapshot alarmed the prudent Sally, and with a few words of caution she admonished her sister that as cute and kindly as any moose may seem, it can also run faster than she.  “Sharon” Sally said, “be careful or you may get what you ask for!”

This moose episode, we know, is not a first for Deedo. Two years past, while she was resting in her bathtub, a (presumably) different Utah moose stuck its nose through the open bathroom window.  While Sharon was non-plussed, not so Sally, who has since worried that the next time the moose may try the front door.

Readers who are familiar with similar episodes in other parts of Utah are asked to contact the Utah Department of Parks and Wildlife and share their experiences through the UDPW’s official webpage, under the category “Moose Meetings.”  (This new category “Moose Meetings” takes the place of “Moose Sightings.”)

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