It is understandable that the many attractions of The Great Wallingford Wurst Festival cannot be fathomed from any one perspective, even a panoramic one like this.  Far beyond this playground is the music stage and the food court (with emphasis on bratwurst and sauerkraut) and inside St. Benedict School (on the right) much more, like craft booths, a book sale, a good old Catholic raffle, and something else you will not find at the Presbyterian Party – if they have one – a Biergarten.  This year the school celebrates its centennial, and the 26th Annual Wurst Festival was a good way to gather the alums and neighbors, especially the one’s with children.  It is a two day affair, Sept. 12-13, on the school grounds at 48th Street and Wallingford Avenue.  You may have missed it.

I ordered a tasty salmon sandwich at $4.50, and sat next to an about ten-year-old boy with a Pink Floyd t-shirt printed with a 1972 tour date.  I took the opportunity to brag to the boy and his father that I had interviewed Pink Floyd in 1969 (or it might have been 1968) when their first American tour brought them to the Helix office as friendly artists looking for a local plug.  I can tell you they really were “delightful lads.”  At the time the band was not yet well known.  In the office was a boy about the age of the boy I told this story to, and I invited him to interview the band with me, which he did.  And he got the bi-line.

(Mouse the pan to make it wider.)

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  1. Great story. I was surprised to hear this morning of the death of Rick Wright, Pink Floyd’s keyboardist. Not too many details yet other than “a short battle with cancer.”

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