Folks This Fall Is Tardy

I found this tender sign of fall at my feet late this afternoon while shuffling from my car seat to the slabs of granite that pave our front walkway off the street.   Folks, this year’s fall is late.  And I can prove it – but not tonight.  Tomorrow perhaps.  Since I have been walking that same Walllingford Walk for more than two years I can bring in last years pixs from this day – or tomorrow – and show examples of a landscape that has knitted for itself an autumn dress about a week more developed in 2007 than now.   This was true of Spring as well.  Our cherry trees were a about a week late with their blossoms this year, when compared with 2007.  I may have proved that one earlier with this blog.  For now I do not remember if I did, but will check it out soon for you casual readers.  If I did not put the blossoms of spring – 2007 and 2008 – in earlier I will include them as well – with the “fall” preview – probably tomorrow.

(To enlarge the photo tap it with your mouse.)


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