Good Shepherd Quartet: 10/7/8

Like most of the other subjects posted here since we changed our blog-programmer, these four panoramas of Good Shepherd can be enlarged with a tap of the mouse.  They were all recorded this Tuesday afternoon of October 7, 2008.  And they are presented in the order that I visited them as part of my regular walk through the Good Shepherd grounds or campus.  I was cheerfully told by two pedestrians that today was supposed to have been overcast and wet.  One used the word “dismal” and the other “nasty”.  Instead we were spared the rain and got instead performing clouds with sunshine between them.  I entered the campus at the Bagley Avenue entrance at about four in the afternoon and left it about thirty minutes later.

The top pan is of the Meridian Play Field, the most westerly part of the campus.  It is managed by the park department more directly than the rest of the campus.

The next pan is of Tilth’s workhouse/greenhouse, which has also a green or planted roof.

The third pan looks northwest from Tilth’s teaching garden to the same structure and part of the P-Patch attended to by Wallingford neighbors.  On the far side of the screen of trees is the Meridian Play Field.

The last pan shows the Good Shepherd Center against today’s playful sky.  Once a Catholic school for girls – many of them from troubled homes – the structure and campus celebrated its centennial last year.  The restored chapel on the top floor has become a popular concert venue with admired acoustics.

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