The Camellia & The Cat on the Porch – 2 Requests

I have two requests of you blog users or visitors.

First the Camellia.


I am researching the Camellia, a flower we see in abundance hereabouts at this time of year.  I would like you to share with me any attitudes or impressions or old stories about this flower.

Second the Cat.


Please help me with a caption for this photograph of a cat on a porch.

5 thoughts on “The Camellia & The Cat on the Porch – 2 Requests”

  1. My daughter lives next door to this house and I have seen this cat a few times. There’s a look of smug confidence in the eyes that seems to say:

    I heard this rumor about these three mice with eye problems – they gotta come around here sometime.


    Nursery Rhyme Ambush

    I’ve jus been introduced to your talents and plan to buy your DVD.

    Thanks, WoolyKitty (Jane)

  2. WoolyKitty aka Jane
    Today while on my Wallingford Walk I came upon our daughter and she reminded me of your response above. I thank you for it’s good humor. I can see the bubble over the cat reading in free hand, “These three blind mice – they gotta come around here sometime.”
    I’ll get that DVD (a slide show lecture really) off to you tomorrow. Yes I’m late.

  3. This is especially poignant for me – I think. We have a cat named Tuna. She is about 12 now but when still a kitten would eat no food save tuna. And hence the name. IF I can figure out how to attach a Tuna pix I will. Heck. I may just send the pix to Jean who is less nervous about these devices.

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