EDGE CLIPPINGS – UW Program 1863


This – if memory serves – is the second insertion of “EDGE CLIPPINGS.”  For the most part what falls below this logo “Puget Sound Alki” – meaning “Puget Sound Eventually” or “Puget Sound Coming” or bye and bye – will be clippings pulled from old Puget Sound based newspapers.  For instance, No. 2 is taken from The Washington  Gazette (out of Olympia) for August 15, 1863.  It is an announcement of the nearly-new territorial university’s program and its new president W.C. Barnard, out of Dartmouth College by way of La Creole Academy in The Dalles , Oregon and then Willamette University at Salem, Oregon.   A reading of the entire clip will soon reveal that Barnard not only knows his subjects but also how to discipline.  And the clip makes clear that church and state were then still in a devotional embrace.   So thanks again to collector Ron Edge for pulling this clipping from his collection and sharing it.  Be assured dear reader that we will try – always try – to pick clippings that are both entertaining and instructive.  And we confess that we enjoy sharing these in part because it is so easy to do.  They are ready-made delights, revealing narratives and pithy trivia.

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