Unintended Effects No. 1 – Double Exposures

Here begins another category of interest, which we have named “Unintended Effects.”  In this case it is three double-exposures, and all came from Victorian era photo albums assembled in the Northwest.  Two have their own captions.  (Click Twice to Enlarge)

This comes from the James Lowman family album. Henry Yesler's nephew arrived in the late 1870s and thereafter help take charge of Yesler's affair. Interested in theatre, Lowman was one of the owners-investors in The Seattle Theatre. (This one is used compliments of Michael Maslan)
On a Puget Sound Beach, somewhere. A pause from running the dogs, perhaps.

3 thoughts on “Unintended Effects No. 1 – Double Exposures”

  1. Magnificent! Hope to see many more in this category. The best things in life are those that are unexpected. Mostly.

  2. Maria and Mary

    Be assured with your encouragements when we find variations in this way or others fall our way we will post them.

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