With WRECK we add another numbered feature to this blog, and we do it for several reasons.  First, people like them.  Next, WRECK will remind all of us to be careful.  Really we give this advice especially to those we love, and not to everyone.  We will be honest about this.  If everyone were careful there would be fewer auto wrecks to choose from for these object lessons in safety.  And if everyone were very careful, there would be no driving at all, and so no wrecks and also no feature.  We would need to return to runaway horses.  So we are prepared to encourage those we neither know nor love to go ahead and keep on driving.  In spite of how hard it is to face our own meanness in this, we know that our position on this will make no difference.  People need to get places fast.   And with WRECK we need wrecks for those who like to look at them, which is just about everybody.  Like the Romans watching gladiators, driving is a blood sport, although it does not seem fair to have passengers involved, even ones we neither know nor care for.  (Consequently, we will avoid showing bodies.)  WRECK will be this blog’s embrace of journalist sensation, when we can find them.  In this line, please share your wrecks with us, and we will show them in all their mangled spectacle and twisted art.  Yes, we might have included practically any wreck as another example of an “Unintended Effect” – the name for another of our newer features – but we chose to give WRECK its own place.   Be sure sure to CLICK TWICE not just once to see the spectacle in great detail.

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