A Puzzling Stereo


This artfully arranged group is drinking something to violin music.  All the posing is wonderfully worked out varied.  The subjects circle three in masks, and behind them  near the back is another masked character, at the table.   A few of them are holding or smoking something.  Some are pensive – those in the foreground – others seem to raise their glasses in unison and in a toast to something.  What are the couple on the left up to – I wonder.   Again – or typically – I know nothing about this odd stereo.  Perhaps it is not so rare – a kind of oft printed oddity.   Don’t know.  Hope you do.  Mummers comes to mind but that be only because the big cheeks of the masked trio are mumps-like.

3 thoughts on “A Puzzling Stereo”

  1. There are more masks in the background, a bearded fellow who appear to be presiding over a bedridden figure, framed by lit candles. Also the couple in front of the fiddler are engaged in a bit of Hogarthian theater; she is attempting to refuse a proffered drink.

    What a curious image! Thanks as ever.

  2. Paul, Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for all you do for our city. My first memory of you dates back to the time I worked at the Continental (circa 1976) and you were all the buzz — rumored to be a TRIPLE Scorpio! Happy Birthday from Anna and me! We’ll have to come see the museum some time! –Lee

  3. Hey, Paul, that was not meant to be left under a PUZZLING SCENARIO oops–no need to post the comment–just wanted to get my greetings to you. Besides, all the people in the pic are my relatives, including the ones in drag.

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