HELIX Vol. 1 No.3&1/2 – May 4, 1967

Don Edge, once again, did the coloring of our symbolizing bug or representive logo – the masthead.

We continue to turn the screw – of Helix – reaching now the fourth issue, which is curiously numbered “3&1/2.”  This will be explained in the audio link. At the bottom of it all are several snapshots scanned from Helix negatives that I wound up with after the paper folded.  We will try to identify the photographer – later.  Perhaps it was Gary Finholt.  Gary?  A few of these are also printed in the gnarly centerfold of Issue Three and One/half.

[audio:http://pauldorpat.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/01-3.5.mp3|titles=Helix Vol 1 No 3.5]

Artists Gertrude Pacific aka Trudi and Ted Jonsson. Note the issue of Helix that Ted is holding with his left hand. And Trudi is barefoot.
One of a few circle dances that was launched.
Our Norwegian angle-protector, perhaps, under the park's big spreading tree. Imagine bongo drums here for this was a most p0pular place - under this tree - for drum jams.
Flower Isness Fashions
I believe that Tim Harvey is far right, with the rolled up white sleeves. Tim was one of the stalwart-editors for Helix.
Seattle Magazine - and sometimes Helix too - photographer Frank Denman is aiming on the right. Oh the paisley! bottom-right.
While I remember two faces here I cannot name them.
On stage
The flutist's name eludes me, but - unless I am mistaken - I once threw his cat across a set in a duplication of the Dada Moment titled "The Dali Atomicus" and photographed by Philippe Haisman in 1948, which includes several flying cats and furniture too. The cat ran up a tree and was not noticed, I believe, until later when "our subject" returned home looking for his pet. By then his somewhat abusive friends, myself included, had left unwitting and so innocent but only sort of.


This I pleasantly discovered while scanning the few Be-in negatives I could find includes John Reynolds with beads, bells, Spanish hat, thongs and comfortable clothes, the Far East scholar who named Helix "Helix." I remember the woman that's with him, but not her name.



3 thoughts on “HELIX Vol. 1 No.3&1/2 – May 4, 1967”

  1. Hi, I’m so happy to find some sort of info on Helix. I wonder if you have access to an issue around 1969 when a few of the fishermen at Fisherman’s Wharf in Seattle took out an ad to attract lovely female crew for their fishing summer in Alaska. I would just love to see that ad again. I had a great summer… Thanks! Gabrielle

  2. Gabriella
    Thanks for the comment but – alas – you may have to wait for “that” issue to show up in this weekly march through the about 135 issues that were put up in the paper’s about three years of publishing. Since you put it as sometime in 1969 then we are about two years away from reaching it. However, if you can get more precise about when you read the add – perhaps judging by a fisherman’s routine – then maybe Ron Edge would go fishing in the Helix guided by your refined timing. Perhaps. It would also be helpful to know how you would visually characterize the adver. Was it a “want” ad and so just a few types line in the midst of other such? Do you remember the name(s) of the fishermen who put up the adver. It may be possible at some point to do a key word search it although that would depend on how legible is was as printed in Helix, which was often enough almost illegible.

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