1917  Soap Lake Wash. Feby 5, 1917:    Sister  Am very sorry I did not get to say Good By the morning I left but I was late getting up.  Milo C   To Mrs. Frank Townsend, Burlington, RFD No. 1 Wash. [Postmark Feb. 6, 1917 Soap Lake WASH]


1937  Dearl Harold,  I am enjoying soap lake fine.  I like the lake to Swimin too. Mary  To Master Harold Wieland, Pinehurst, Washington Box 122  [Postmark Jul 20, 1937 Everett WASH]


1950 Soap Lake Mon. May 29  Dear Phene (?),  We will be Home next week – having perfect weather that I ____ let you know that I shall plan to be at the banquet.  I hope you can get out a big crowd “the more the merrier” Give my love to John and keep a lot for yourself – Anna Rolleen Johnson  To Mrs. Phine (?) Buckley Lowell, Washington [Postmark May 29, 1950 Soap Lake WASH]



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