HELIX Vol.1 No.6 – June 23, 1967

While preparing the audio – below – first Bill White showed – coming down the steps – and then Jean Sherrard – calling on the phone.  Both had intimate memories of one of the subjects included in this  Vol. 1 No.6, and so I interview them.  The subject is the Last Exit on Brooklyn, a popular cafe that opened in 1967 on Brooklyn Ave. two doors south of 40th Street on the east side.  The result of these interviews is a longish (relative to the first five & 1/2 iterations) but invigorated commentary, which begins with what is by now my typical approach to this extemporaneous blabbering – beginning at the front cover and reading along as long as I last – followed by the two interviews: Bill first and Jean second.  This has also given me an idea – this idea.  To do more interviews on future subjects that are revealed in these issues and to post those too.  This is also a lot of fun for me and an extraction from my bunker of writing – even for those interviews I might do by phone.

Paul’s Comments & Interviews:

[audio:http://pauldorpat.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/01-06.mp3|titles=Helix Vol 1 No 6]


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  1. Love the idea of interviews because we always get a slightly different POV from each person. I LOVE these posts and look forward to reading them each week. I have tried to pass them on to others—who were there!

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