HELIX Vol.3 No. 6 April 25, 1968

Ron Edge who has made both the weekly scans of every issue and enlivened the chosen masthead with colors copied from the paper itself notes that this week he has nothing to work with.  As Bill White and I elaborate at the beginning – or “front page” – of this week’s audio commentary, the cover photo of County Joe was snapped in the SeaTac sundries store.  The film was colorless Tri-X.  Normally Joe would travel with the band, but this time he was alone.  I drove him to the airport.  For this “set up” he did his own art direction tucking bills into his shirt and tunneling his vision with a roll found somewhere.   The red “Helix”at its center is the only color for Ron to borrow – tomorrow.  I wonder what he will do.

B. White and P. Dorpat

[audio:http://edge-archive.com/audio/03-06.mp3|titles=Helix Vol 3 No 6]

KOL Announces Piano Drop

[audio:http://edge-archive.com/audio/KOL_Piano_Drop.mp3|titles=KOL Announces Piano Drop]



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