HELIX Vol. 3 No. 7, May 9, 1968

Still a bi-weekly more than a  year into it.   Soon, I suspect, we will discover that we have become a weekly.  In this issue many revelations with reporting by Scott White, Tim Harvey, Paul Sawyer, John Bixler, Henry Erlich, another Crowley Weltschmerz and Cunnick Dump Truck Baby and my own report on the Piano Drop.  For that the editor gave himself the centerfold and managed to again almost hide the text behind the split-font superimposed graphics.  Three full pages given to record ads means we certainly managed to pay for this issue.

B. White and P. Dorpat

[audio:http://edge-archive.com/audio/03-07.mp3|titles=Helix Vol 3 No 7]

In case you missed it last week, hear the KOL Piano Drop Announcement

[audio:http://edge-archive.com/audio/KOL_Piano_Drop.mp3|titles=KOL Announces Piano Drop]



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